1. Part A
  1. Part B

Directions: (2003 Part B)

Study the following set of drawings carefully and write an essay in which you should

  1. describe the set of drawings, interpret its meaning, and
  2. point out its implications in our life
As is shown is this set of drawings, these flowers grow greatly in
protection of the green house, but died out quickly under rain and

That's exactly what our life looks like, we young people look strong as to
fear nothing, but can't survive terrible conditions alone.  As the new
generation, we receive intensive care and protection from our family,
school and the society. We gain fair amount of knowledge, cultivate good
manners and act like we are capable of living independently.  However, we
are so far away from that, that a small challenge may make us fall and
fail. In other words, we are spoilt.

Real life makes real man. Man can't gain strength in a cozy life and we
must devote ourselves in challenges, drawbacks and hardships, then we grow.
Take the pain to achieve the gains.

Directions: (2005 Part B)

Write an essay of 160-200 words based on the following drawing. In your essay, you should first describe the drawing, then interpret its meaning, and give your comment on it.

As is illustrated on the drawing, the old father has three sons and one
daughter, but none of them seems willing to take care of him.  Instead,
they endavour to keep off their father just like a goal keeper does to the
ball, which corners the old man into a terrible, lonely and helpless

The drawing reveals the pathetic reality of some old people, they tender
and raise their children and make them grow but end up to be abandoned by
their own children. We should help them.  First, government should build a
system of policy to regulate this kind of misfortune. Actually, there are
already some and one of them is really effective though controversal which
says it is illeagle not to go back home visiting the old ones in a constant
2 years.  Moreover, school education should pay more attention towards this
issue to guide people even the whole society to love, respect and take care
of the old.  Still, volunteers should be called up to help.  For example,
young puiples may volunteer to talk and play with the old ones which not
only helps to releave lonliness of the later but still is educational to
the former. Last but not the least, welfare, key to this problem, should be
set up.

As is discussed above, the old people need our help and we shall take our
undeniable responsibility. After all, everyone will be old and doesn't want
to be left alone and helpless by the society.

Directions: (2011 Part A)

Write a letter to a friend of yours to

  1. recommend one of your favorite movies and
  2. give reasons for your recommendation
Dear Maomao,

Yesterday, I reviewed again *Big Fish*, one of my beloved best movies.  It
tells a fantasy story about a father, a hard one to undertand.  The
father's story seems irrealistic and not logical at once but turns out
genuine in the end.

It's a touching love story about Edward Bloon (the father) and Sandraw
Templeton, a faithful dreamful one which is not common nowadays.  It's an
advanture with lots of fantacy everyone would enjoy.  It's a porcess to
undertsand how a father is and his lifestyle.

Anyway, *Big Fish* is one of my favorite movies and I highly recommend you
it.  I can't tell you more without being a spoiler thought I really want
to. Enjoy!

Li Ming

Directions: (2011 Part B)

Write an essay of 160 words based on the following drawing. In your essay, you should

  1. describe the drawing briefly,
  2. explain its intended meaning, and
  3. give your comments
As is shown on the drawing, travellers on vacation throw away garbage
delibritely to the river, which makes the beautiful senery ugly and
disgusting as you can see.

This exactly reveals the concerning reality, that visitors bring tourist
sites wealth and fortune but also along with environmental problems which
in fact cost a lot. These grabage may contaminate the environment and cause
a higher admistration fee to the local goverment which for sure will lead
to a coresponding higher touring expense to visitors.  The worse scenery
and highr expense is a davastating damage to both sides in tourism.

Help is needed to change this terrible and harse condition.  First of all,
a relative system of policy should be made to guide and regulate visitors'
behavior. Misbehaved travellers should be fined to receive their lessons.
moreover, government should put more emphasis on school education on this
topic. Still, volunteers should be organized to guide visitors to behave
good and do as the roman's do.  Last but not the least, mind our own
behavior. Only when ourselves do a good thing and help this issue, then we
can solve this problem.

Directions: (2013 Part A)

Write an e-mail of about 100 words to a foreign teacher in your college, inviting him/her to be a judge for the upcoming English speech contest.

Dear Mr. Brown,

I'm writing to invite you to be a judge of an annual English Speech Contest
next Sunday.

The annual English Speech Contest of "Hope" has a history of over 20 years
aiming at promoting foreign cultures and improving college students'
English speaking skills. The 21st of "Hope" would be held next Sunday at 10
pm at ZhuoYue Hall. There will be 20 participants on stage chasing for the

As an excellent teacher on western culture, you are invited to be a judge.
It will be grateful of you if you take this invitation. Jobs of a judge
includes scoring the performa*n*ce of each player, making necessary
comments and giving proper advices for later improvements. Details about
"Hope" and the 20 participants are enclosed separately and you can contact
me for any questions.

Li Ming.

Directions: (2013 Part B)

Write an essay of 160-200 words based on the following drawing. In your essay, you should

  1. describe the drawing briefly,
  2. interpret its intended meaning, and
  3. give your comments.
As is shown on the drawing, undergraduates have four main roads to choose
from on the journey of life. Some of them are inclined to find a job and
work, while some others choose to work for themselves or even creating jobs
and hiring others.  Besides them, a large percent of them takes the exam to
graduate schools or even go abroad to further their study.

Most undergraduates are confused at these choices and wonder what's right
thing to do.  Under pressure of living independen*t*ly and potential
marriages, they feel at lost and not a small number of them choose to
follow the others. The situation should be changed. First, college should
guide undergraduates to be preparedd to live in society and plunge into
workforce.  Moreover, they themselves should look inside to their heart
asking what they themselves care capable of and suitable to do. Only
through this way can rational choices be made. Last but not the least,
government should make proper adequate polices to offer better more
opportunities.  Hope every undergraduate follow their heart, choose the
right way and have a bright future.

Directions: (2014 Part A)

Write a letter of about 100 words to the president of your university, suggesting how to improve students’ physical condition.

Dear President,

Due to improvements in science and technology, most students live a
sedentary life nowadays which means they stay indoor often and seldom go
out for any physical activity or sports.  This physical inactivity make
them at a low lewel of physical condition making them suffer a lot from
colds, digestion disorder, weight gain or loss, bad sleeping and so on. I'm
writing to inform you some suggestions on how to solve this problem.

First, more interesting and physically active games should be held to
attract students to take part in. In an atmosphere of joyfulness, their
physical condition improves. Secondly, physical activeness should
contribute to the GPA, which most students think really matters.  This will
caught broad attention and make decent progress.  Last, we should invite
more relative professors to deliver speeches on topics about pros of
physical activity and cons of sedentary living style which would make
studens be aware of their concerning physical condition and the urgentness
to a change in style of living.

I hope a careful consideration about the above suggestions and effective
actions to make a change to students' physical condition.

Sincerely, Li Ming

Directions: (2014 Part B)

Write an essay of 160-200 words based on the following drawing. In your essay, you should

  1. describe the drawing briefly
  2. interpret its indented meaning, and
  3. give your comments.
On the left of the drawing, the mother takes hand of the little girl, which
reveals the situation 30 years ago, while now the girl grown to be a lady
grabs hand of the old woman, the above-mentioned mother.

This drawing reflects love and devotion between parents and children. When
we are young, our parents provided us with sheltering, food and love, so we
can grow up and live independently. Then they are old, we in return take
care of and make our devotion to them just like they did years before.
This cycle reveals the meaning of families. Love and devotion in families
have meanings you may not know. First, they are symbols of family harmoney
and contribute to the general harmoney (harmony) and contribute to the
general harmoney of the society and our country. Moreover, they are key
factors to the survival of human being. We human survive the history not
because we are smart or strong to be capable in the competition with other
people and other living things, but because we cooperate, help and take
care of each other, especially in a family.  Last but not least, with
guarantee of protection from next generation, we can settle down and devote
ourselves to contributions to the society making our nation prosperate.

Above all, that's the meaning of families --- love and devotion.

Directions: (2012 Part A)

Some international students are coming to your university. Write them an e-mail in the name of the Students’ Union to

  1. extend your welcome and
  2. provide some suggestions for their campus life here.
Dear fellows,

At the beginning, I'll extend the best welcome on behalf of the Students'
Union.  Hope the international students of you have brilliant days in our
university both in living and in learning.

The students' Union will guide you through to adapt to the new environment.
On living, you will be arranged to live in Apartment B whose facilities are
the best in our university. Moreover, there are several restaurants nearby
with different kinds of chinese food and even a dining hall with other
country dishes if you would like to give it a try. The school bus is not
far away from the apartment and transportation also will be extremely
convenient if you want go outside. Besides, you can make friends on the
weekly held party especially for international students at Ali Bar by us or
go to the English corner in district 3. On living, you'll have classes two
weeks later after coming here and there are a variety of choices you may
interest in. The main library has a fair amount of books and serves one of
best database resources in China.

A digital campus map and detailed guide is enclosed. You are free to ask
relative questions and we'll try to help you.  Again, wish you a nice
journey here.

Yours, Li Ming

Directions: (2012 Part B)

As is described on the drawing, there are two definitely different points
of views on the same bottle of spilt milk. The passive man on the left
thinks it all over while the man on the right positively looks at the
bright side saying that there are still half bottle of milk left.

This reflects two distinct attitudes towards life: being optimistic or
being pessimistic.  On one hand, a optimisticc man focuses on the positive
side of things who tends to live a happier life with joy, while passmistic
people feel awkward with multitudes of things. However, in the same time,
the former are inclined to get used to everything such that they are not
fully commited to change, while the later scratches their own itchy a lot
and comes up with new ideas and improvements to things one after another.
That's to say, we shall combine the former and the later that we can live
happily with a good temper cultivated with an optimistic view to life and
think critically witha passimistic attitude towards work to make progress.
Through the discussion above, we will not act like any one of them as
described in the drawing.  Instead, we shall be grateful to the little
drops left for us and without forgetting to try to figure out a way to
avoid such tragedy in the future.
  1. 每篇文章都写超了。Part A 该写 100 词,我差不多都在 160 – 190 词。Part B 该写 160 – 200 词,我几乎都写成了 220 词。写的时候是觉得自己 Part A 和 Part B 写得差不多长,我还以为 Part B 不够丰满……得整改。
  2. 句式不够多变。